AGROTEK’s office decoration

AGROTEK officially represents John Deere in Ukraine.

The company is among the world’s top 5 John Deere dealers by the volume of after-sales service.

AGROTEK’s office design in Dnipro was comprehensively developed and implemented.

The developed design concept is 100% completed.

The following items were manufactured and installed:

  • external and internal signs;
  • advertising steles;
  • furniture and decorative elements.Various materials were used to decorate the centre: metal, ACP, acrylic and other types of plastic, stone, glass, MDF and others.In total, more than 180 items were installed at the site.


  • Client: АГРОТЕК
  • Date: Posted on
  • Tags: Advertising structures
  • Project Type: Development of a comprehensive design project and AGROTEK’s head office decoration