NEO PLAZA, project

Development of the concept and design of NEO PLAZA advertising stele.

We were tasked to integrate a massive construct into the city’s architecture, with a height of 14,000 mm. The stele must not look so bulky and must not block visibility. In order to avoid this, the concept was based on using glossy stainless steel as the primary material so that the construct could blend in with the surroundings as much as possible but still allowed for fairly large LED screens.

This stele performs several tasks:

1) a signpost – it shows where the NEO PLAZA mall is located;

2) advertising plane – it presents, through video advertising, the main tenants and their products.


  • Client: ТРЦ "NEO PLAZA"
  • Date: Posted on
  • Tags: 2019
  • Project Type: Design project for a promotional stele