Respublika Park

System of navigation pointers, advertising and information structures

The largest shopping center “Respublika Park” in Ukraine and Europe, Kyiv.

The largest project among shopping malls in Ukraine and Europe. The total area is more than 300,000 square meters, parking is designed for more than 3,500 cars, and 1,500 shops. So the numbers are impressive.

We had a little more than 2 months to implement this project from the moment of launch.

Our company “EXPERT GROUP” produced the following types of products:

  • facade signs;
  • external navigation pointers, stelae, columns, signs, markings of entrances;
  • internal navigation indicators;
  • registration of navigation in the parking lot.

Specialists of the EXPERT GROUP company performed the following types of work during this period:

  • development of engineering design documentation, layouts for each type of product;
  • production of products;
  • assembly of finished products according to the project.

In total, more than 830 products were installed at the facility, including more than 100 with internal lighting.

The project was implemented in close cooperation with the general contractor KAN Development and, of course, the administration of the Respublika Park shopping center.


  • Client: Respublika Park
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  • Tags: Advertising structures
  • Project Type: A complex design project for the Respublika Park shopping center in Kyiv