System of navigation signs and information structures

RETROVILLE is the first modern multifunctional mall in Kyiv with a lifestyle concept.

The mall’s total area is 120,334 sq. m, while the business centre is 9,450 sq. m., and there are more than 250 shops.

About the project:

Implementation of an integrated project to design and manufacture a navigation signage system in RETROVILLE.

Completed types of work:

  • development of the design concept of the mall general navigation system;
  • development of the signage and icons system design;
  • plans for media placement indoors and around the mall;
  • development of design solutions;
  • fabrication of structures;
  • complex of installation works.The design concept was developed considering TM’s corporate standards and architectural solutions.
    In total, more than 200 products were installed in the mall.


  • Client: Retroville
  • Date: Posted on
  • Tags: Advertising structures
  • Project Type: Integrated design project for Retroville Mall in Kyiv